Sunday 24 January 2021

Private Tutoring -- Have You Ever Dreamed Of Achieving Academic Success?


Private Tutoring

Any age, one is never to old to learn....occupy the mind and feed the soul..!

It is better to dedicate the time necessary to succeed during your studies, so that                     when you land that job; you know how to do the work.  

People who get the certificate, but did not truly understand any of the material studied,              but depended on favors, or a best buddy system; and so forth; eventually find out that                   in the world of employment you don't have a best buddy system.  What you have is your              own achievement and when you fail to  tow the line, you will be terminated; employers              have a number of ways to force you out...

So do it right the first time, study and study well with help from a "Private Tutor,"                      until you are capable of completing your studies on your own...

I will make time to help you, if you really want to challenge yourself and learn new things...         this can be through: phone, email, video or in person learning.. set your goals and get         started... Use the contact form to start your journey..

Tuesday 23 June 2020

Life-course Persistent Antisocial Behavior (Moffitts, 1993)!

Neuropsychological Risks and Deficits experienced by the individual child can lead to Life-course Persistent Anti-social behaviors including; juvenile delinquency and crime, but Neuropsychological risks & deficits can also be managed/controlled with adequate interventions before the child reaches adulthood. However, this is more dependent on family parenting, as well as community or social settings and change in opportunity during developmental stages of life..

Wednesday 6 February 2019

Two Novia Scotia Universities Make National Headlines For Hockey Brawl!

Students From Acadia University; located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada confronted with negative slurs from St. Francis Xavier University located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada/vise versa; It remains unclear actually who/how/why the brawl was started! It appears that players were assigned special supervisors in an express effort to maintain peace on the ice..

What grabbed my attention were the Supervisors in Black Suits -- Checkout the clean cut guy dressed in a Black Suit who just steps on/by a chair & reaches up grabs one of the players from Xavier University like a bag of groceries and hauls him away from the brawl...the player appeared helpless to resist not to mention the shocked look on his face being bodily hauled away -- Very impressive move by one of the Suits -- I couldn't stop laughing when I first noticed the video that has been partly edited; but you can see where the guy protects his kid by the only means possible! The Suit did a fabulous job, so impressive! To date 15 players have been suspended...with more pending (incident dated February 03, 2019).